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Articles by Others

There are many great trainers and we all have our areas of expertise.  Few of us cover all areas and most of us donít try since we recognize that we have our areas of specialization.

Below are some great articles from others in their areas of specialization:

How to Handle Abusive Clients by Dave Anderson
Seeing the Big Picture: Building Enduring Client Relationships in the Age of the Mouse-Click, by
Andrew Sobel
Become Brilliant in the Basics, by Dave Anderson
The Impact of Follow UP, by Kelley Robertson
The Soul of the Great Professional, by Andrew Sobel
The Power of One, by Kelley Robertson
Dealing with Difficult Customers, by Dave Kahle
Taking Your Sales Performance Up-a-Notch, by Dave Kahle
Thriving in the New Economy: Forget Conventional Wisdom, by Andrew Sobel
The Power is in the Process, by Dave Kahle
Setting Price Expectation, by Brian Jeffrey
Seven Principals for Keeping Your Clients in Uncertain Times, by Andrew Sobel
Developing Clients for Life, by Andrew Sobel
Client Relationships are Dead; Long Live Relationships, by Andrew Sobel
Stop Selling by the Month, by Frank Rumbauskas
Putting the Honor Principal to Work to Build Customer Loyalty, by Randy Pennington
Results and Relationships, by Randy Pennington
Partnership Principals that Lead to Sales Success, by Randy Pennington
Seven Deadly Beliefs:  Shaping Your Paradigm for the Future, by Randy Pennington
When You Canít Compete on Price, by Tom Reilly
How to Tell If Your Client is Lying, by Tom Reilly
How to Handle an Angry Client, by Tom Hopkins
Is Your Vocabulary Costing You Business?, by Tom Hopkins
Winning in Sales, by Tom Hopkins
Hypnotic Selling--or, Whereís the Magic?, by Dr. Joe Vitale
Levels:  The Unspoken Secret of Achieving Big Goals, by Dr. Joe Vitale
Whatís Beyond Your USP?, by Dr. Joe Vitale
How to Control the ĎCommand Centerí in Your Prospectís Mind, by Dr. Joe Vitale
The Tidal Wave Sale, by Kelley Robertson
The Top 7 Sales Blunders, by Kelley Robertson
Selling Professional Services, by Charles H. Green
Clients, Values and Guiding Principles, by Charles H Green
Conducting the Sales Conversation: Avoiding the Potholes, by Charles H Green
Leadership, Trust and Intangible Services, by Charles H Green
What Buyers Really Want, by Charles H Green
The Science of Shameless Self-Promotion, by Debbie Allen
Are You Making Excuses or Are You Making Sales?, by Debbie Allen
The New Value Proposition--How a Collaborative Sales Model Changes the Sellerís Values, by
Sharon Drew Morgan


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